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1st Barcelona Forum on Ph.D. Research in Electronic Engineering

The 1st Barcelona Forum on Ph.D. Research in Electronic Engineering, organized on October 16th 2009, brought together specialists from several large national and international companies and research institutions (ST Microelectronics, CERN, CEA, FICOSA, Vestas) and Master and Ph.D. students and professors from the Electronic Engineering Department of UPC for discussing their respective industrial and academic research activities and priorities and the role and opportunities for Master and Ph.D. students after graduation.

NEW: Photos from the forum.


Morning session (open to the public)
Sala d'Acted, edifici Vèrtex
9.30 Welcome speech.
9:45 Panel: “The role of the Ph.D. graduated students and the international R+D priorities”.
11:00 Coffee break.
11:15 Students’ research work presentations.
13:00 Conclusions and wrap-up.
13:15 Lunch (only for students of the Doctoral program in Electronic Engineering)

Afternoon session (for students)
Classrooms in Vertex building
14:30-15:30 Coffee table meetings with industry and research center representatives.



(9:30h Sala d'Actes, Edifici Vèrtex)
The meeting is opened with a panel discussion about "The role of the Ph.D. graduated students and the international R+D priorities"


Pere Losantos, Parc UPC, Barcelona, Spain (


Patrick Cogez
, Director, University & External Relations, ST Microelectronics, Grenoble, France (


Chirstian Gamrat, Senior expert in advanced computer architectures and nanocomputing, AETHER and NABAB projects coordinator, CEA-LIST, Paris, France (


Jordi Aubert, Electronics Development Director, FICOSA International, Mollet del Valles, Spain (


Jorgen Christiansen, CERN-MP/MIC, Geneve, Switzerland (

Student's research work presentations:
(11:30h Sala d'Actes, Edifici Vèrtex)

11:30: Providing an UWB-IR BAN wireless communications networks and its application to design a very low power transceiver on CMOS technology
Author: Enrique Barajas, Thesis Advisors: Diego Mateo, José Luis González

11:45: Contribution to Advanced hot wire wind sensing
Author: Lukasz Kowalski, Thesis Advisor: Vicente Jiménez Serres

12:00: Fast Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy measurements techniques for dynamic impedance characterization
Author: Sánchez, B., Thesis Advisor: Bragós, R.

12:15: Non-destructive evaluation of civil structures using electromagnetic waves
Author: Pablo Juan-García, Thesis Advisor: Josep M. Torrents

12:30: High efficiency RF power amplification for 3G mobile communications
Author: Lázaro Marco, Thesis Advisor: Eduard Alarcón

12:45: Variations-aware circuits designs for microprocessors
Author: Marc Pons, Thesis Advisors: Jordi Abella, Francesc Moll

Click here to download the proceedings (pdf, 7.6Mb) containing a total of 22 papers from students in the last years of the Ph.D. program in Electronic Engineering of the UPC.

Coffee table meetings:
(14:30h SV206a,b and SV207 Classrooms, Edifici Vèrtex)

Room SV206a:
14:30 Patrick Cogez, ST Microelectronics
15:00 Chistian Gamrat, CEA-List: Presentation slides & Informative report

Room SV206b:
14:45 Jorgen Chirstiansen, CERN: Presentation slides
  15:15 Jordi Aubert, FICOSA International: Presentation slides

Room SV207:
15:00 Xavier Estaran, Pere Losantos, Parc UPC: Presentation slides.

More information: download the pdf brochure.