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Specific and Cross-disciplinary training

It is a requirement for a successful annual evaluation and deposit authorization to complete a number of Specifc and Cross-disciplinary (transversal) training activities. These activities were initially described in the Verification report (pp. 26-30) and are still valid, with minor updates.

Not all activities are compulsory. Every activity should be reflected in the DAD (Doctorand Activity Document) using DRAC, and will be evaluated by the CAPD annually.

Specific training activities

These are activities in your area of specialization. In particular:

ActivityMeans of assessment
Participation in scientific reports in the framework of a funded research project Short document by the thesis advisor, explaining the contribution.
Attendance to the program Doctoral Workshops Attendance certificate.
Attendance to research conferences Attendance certificate.
Publications in indexed journals (compulsory activity)
Publication reference.
Participation in resarch oriented seminars Attendance certificate.
Participation in internal seminars and tutorship Annual assessment by Advisor in Atenea PhD
Research stay in a foreign institution Certificate by the responsible researcher of the hosting institution

Cross-disciplinary training activities

These are training activities not directly related to your area of specialization. For example, research methodology, languages, etc. In particular:

ActivityMeans of assessment
Transversal training courses and seminars organized by the Doctoral School of UPC, other units of the UPC or UIB, or other organizations outside the University, Attendance certificate with number of hours.
Attend PhD-Industry workshops, workshops for future doctors, organized by the Program, the UPC or the UIB Attendance certificate.
Developing part of the thesis in a private industry, University-company agreement or an industrial doctorate program.