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Program facts and figures

The Electronic Engineering Program is jointly organized by professors from UPC and UIB Universities. There a total of 86 faculty involved in the Program, organized in 4 areas of specialization with 18 research groups (16 from UPC and 2 from UIB).

Here are the main figures of the program.


Professor figures
Number of program professors 86
Percentage of professors who have directed at least one thesis 79%
Median of citation h-index (source: Scopus) 10


Doctorands figures (Academic year 2017-18)
Admission applications 42
New student registrations 16
Total number of students 70
Percentage of foreign students 40%
Students coming from other universities 43%
Percentage of partial time students 10%
Percentage of students with research grant 27%


Thesis figures (Academic year 2017-18)
Number of theses defended 11
Percentage of presented theses developed in partial time 0%
Average duration of the thesis (years) 4.9
Number of doctorands not finishing the program 1.4%
Percentage of Cum Laude thesis 73%
Percentage of thesis with International Mention 9%
Total number of publications from the defended theses 105
Average number of publications per defended thesis 9.5
Percentage of students with a research stay 36%
Employment rate 100%


Additional figures can be found in the following links (in Catalan):