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Thesis Deposit and Defense authorization

Application for the thesis deposit to the CAPD

Once you have completed your manuscript and your thesis advisor agrees with your thesis defense, you have to submit your proposal to the Academic Comittee (CAPD), who must authorize the deposit.

VERY IMPORTANT: The thesis must be deposited before the deadline according to the UPC regulations and Spanish laws. After this deadline, the thesis cannot be presented in this PhD program.

The CAPD checks that the thesis is deposited on time and it fulfills the required minimum quality according to the indicators detailed in Annex II of the Academic Regulations of the Program. If these minimum indicators are not checked, or if the thesis will have an International Mention, the thesis is sent to two external reviewers, doctors with notable research experience in the area of the thesis, who will evaluate it and will issue a report about its quality. In the case of a thesis with International Mention, the two external reviewers must be from an institution outside Spain.

UPC students should contact Aurora Rubio at in order to check the documentation required for this step.

ATTENTION: regarding the thesis defense, the academic year finishes on September 30th. Doctorate candidates who deposit the thesis after this date will have to pay the fees corresponding to the annual tutorship registration in the new academic year.

After CAPD deposit authorization

Please refer to the UPC web page for a complete description to the Deposit and Defense procedure, the requirements of the Thesis Examination Panel, as well as information on particular thesis procedures such an International Certification.

Please check specific information regarding Thesis as Collection of Publications (or Article-based Thesis.)

The Academic Regulations of the Doctoral Program, concerning the thesis examination panel, are adapted to the UPC Regulations and in particular request that, if any member of the evaluation committee is co-author of publications arising from the thesis, the thesis director must provide the CAPD a justification that his/her participation in the overall work of the thesis to be evaluated was marginal, and the CAPD must authorize his/her presence in the committee.

Expenses of the Examination Panel

Please check the available UPC and Department funding for covering the expenses of the Examination Panel.

Documents and Forms: