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Annual Tutorship Evaluation

According to the Academic regulations, all students in the research period must register for tutorship for the academic year and have an assigned thesis supervisor.

The Academic Commission performs an annual assessment of each doctorand in the research period evaluating as Satisfactory or Unatisfactory. Two consecutive  Unatisfactory evaluations have as a result the dismissal of the program. The evaluation is based on the delivery of documentation in the form and dates specified below.


The assessment is done through Atenea PhD and it is based on the documentation in that platform: updated Research Plan (only if there are changes) and DAD. The documentation needs to be uploaded or checked by the Doctorand, and validated by the Supervisor. Next is a description of the different steps involved;

(Optional) Updated Research Plan

  1. The Program administration enables the dates for upload of the research plan in Atenea PhD.
  2. The supervisor authorizes the upload of the document by the doctorand in Atenea PhD, Research Plan section.
  3. Doctorand uploads the updated version of the Research Plan in Atenea PhD, Research Plan section.
  4. Supervisor validates the submission, adding a comment in the Observations section.


  1. Doctorand previews DAD in Atenea PhD
  2. If needed, Doctorand adds any missing activities in DRAC database. Please check the DRAC information.
  3. Supervisor generates a DAD snapshot with the updated information in Atena PhD.
  4. Supervisor validates DAD and writes in Atenea PhD a short assessment.
  5. Academic Commission reviews all information in Atenea PhD and completes assessment.
You can also check the Atenea PhD FAQs page in this website.

Assessment criteria

Reasons for an Unsatisfactory grading:

  • Not delivering the Supervisor's validation and assessment in the specified deadline.
  • Not having registered the current academic course without having been granted a temporal interruption of the doctorate.
  • Receiving a non-satisfactory evaluation by the thesis Supervisor.
  • Not having sufficient publications or cross training activities after the second year of the thesis.

Calendar for the academic year 2021-22

Deadline for submission of documentation: 3 July 2022

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