Academic Commission

Description of the Academic Commission (CAPD)

The Academic Commission (Comissió Acadèmica del Programa de Doctorat, CAPD) is composed of 5 professors from UPC and 4 professsors from UIB. The role of the CAPD is to overview all academic processes, including the authorization of the different acts, like admission, deposit, research stays, extensions, among others. The CAPD also performa the annual evaluation for each doctorand. Below you can find the current composition for the CAPD.


  • Oscar Casas (Program coordinator) eel.coordoctorat@(
  • Herminio Martínez herminio.martinez@(
  • Lexa Nescolarde lexa.nercolarde@(
  • Diego Mateo diego.mateo@(
  • Joaquim Puigdollers joaquim.puigdollers@(


  • Jaume Segura (Local coordinator) jaume.segura@(
  • Sebastià Bota sebastia.bota@(
  • Miquel Roca miquel.roca@(
  • Jaume Verd jaume.verd@(