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Learning resources

Services to registered students

  • E-mail: After your first registration as a student of this PhD Program, you will be given a university e-mail address ( or This address will be used to communicate academic information as well as administrative requirements, therefore you should check it regularly or redirect it to another email box. As a PhD student at UPC, you will be subscribed to the email distribution lists and It is very important that you make sure to receive the messages delivered to these lists.

  • Intranet access: After your first registration, you will be created a username that will allow you access to te academic intranets. For UPC, Atenea PhD and the site e-Secretaria ( .

  • Remote access to servers: Only staff of the Department has access to the internal Department network through VPN. If you need to access it remotely and you have no authorization, your tutor should address an application to the computer services of the Department.

  • University card: This identifies you as a UPC or UIB student and allows you access to some services offered by the University.

Research facilities

Each research group shall provide the doctorands access to their respective facilities:

  • Research laboratories
  • Specialized servers with needed software
  • Personal computer
  • Desk
In case it is necessary, each site of the Department of Electronic Engineering, provides a desk space in a specially disgigned room common to doctorands.


Your student card (or your receipt of payment of your tuition fees if you do not yet have your card) will give you access to the library. The library has many online resources: from online books to several scientific libraries and databases (IEEExplore, ACM, PS, WoS, and many more). Check out and for further information.