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MNT-Micro and Nanotechnologies


research-group-mnt.png The Micro and Nano Technologies research group (MNT) is formed by faculty members, researchers, PhD students and technical personnel doing research to understand how advanced devices work and how they can be improved. MNT staff share research facilities where micro and nano technologies are available, along with specialized measuring equipment and simulation and modeling tools. The facilities include a clean room with main silicon processing equipment, material deposition, photo and e-beam lithography, surface and bulk micromachining. The group also has long standing agreements with other technology service providers and research institutions to enlarge the technology base available to enable more ambitious goals to the research projects undertaken. The MNT annual research expenditures are funded primarily by the public research agencies at Spanish and European Union levels. The MNT faculty also maintains relationships with industry which lead to fruitful research partnerships, and have been closely involved with Technology Transfer efforts.


Address: Jordi Girona 1-3, Mòdul C4, 08034, Barcelona, Spain
Coordinating professor(s): Luís Castañer. Ramón Alcubilla
Phone: +34 934016773 (Luís Castañer). +34 93 934016757 (Ramón Alcubilla)
E-mails: luis.castaner@(,ramon.alcubilla@(