ISI - Instrumentation, Sensors and Interfaces


research-group-isi.png Research on novel sensors and on measurement methods based on electrical impedance variations, and on their electronic interfaces for signal conditioning and processing. Particular interest on macrosensors based on low-cost technologies, autonomous and smart sensors, sensor networks, analog signal processing, data acquisition systems and test, impedance spectroscopy and tomography, noise and interference reduction in instrumentation, noninvasive physiological measurements and biotelemetry, avionics and aeronautical instrumentation. Technology transfer in sensors and engineering measurement systems.



Parc Mediterrani de la Tecnologia. Building C4. Avda Canal Olímpic 15,
08860. Castelldefels. Barcelona. Spain
Phone: +34 934 137 079, +34 934 137 075, +34 934 137 076
Coordinatig Professors: Ramon Pallàs Areny, Oscar Casas Piedrafita
E-mail : ramon.pallas@(, jocp@eel.(