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HIPICS-High Performance Integrated Circuits and Systems


research-group-hipics.jpgOur group has the goal of developing impact research in the field of design of high performance circuits and systems integrated in advanced technologies, particularly CMOS. Its current activity is focused in the scenario that emerges with nanometer-scale technologies, which is characterized by circuits with a highly unpredictable behavior provoked by disturbances and a large variability of device characteristics, where very high complexity digital circuits (terascale) live along in the same silicon die with multi-standard communication transceivers, with signals well into the mm-wave bands (60 GHz), and with very stringent requirements concerning performance optimization and power consumption minimization. In this context, in the group we develop new architectures and circuits (both digital and analog - RF) tolerant to disturbances and to the manufacturing process variations; design of RF circuits with very low power consumption and little sensitive to interactions to other circuits; design techniques with imperfect components; test and characterization based on temperature measurements; power supply systems based on energy harvesting.


Campus Nord UPC. Jordi Girona 1-3. Edificio C4. 08034 Barcelona
Phone: +34 934 017 482, +34 934 017 485
Coordinating Professors: Aragones Cervera, Xavier; Rubio Sola, José Antonio,
E-mail : xavier.aragones@(, antonio.rubio@(