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Quick Start Guide

Before you arrive:

Step 1: Check if you fulfil the admission requirements for our Doctoral Program. Basically you need to hold a Master degree in the ICT area, or in engineering or sciences related to any of the research activities in Electronic Engineering. For students who have obtained their Master degree out of the EHEA system, it is necessary to obtain a letter, in English or Spanish, from the home university stating that the qualification obtained by the student entitles to apply for admission to a doctoral degree in that country.

Step 2: Go to the Professors and Research Groups section of this web, examine the different research activities and ongoing projects, and select the research groups related to your area of interest. You can contact the Program Coordination if you need assistance or guidance with this step.


Step 3: Once you have selected the research group(s) related with your interests, you need that some professor from that list accepts to act as your tutor. The tutor will guide you in the first months of your doctorate. Eventually, this professor may also act as the PhD advisor is so agreed. Please introduce yourself, explain your background, motivation, research interests, financing needs (if any). The professor can provide more precise information about the active research projects in the group, and research topics for the Ph.D. thesis. Note that all applications without providing a tutor shall be rejected.

Step 4: Go to the on-line Admission application web page and register as new user. You should receive a registration e-mail.


Step 5: Use the on-line Admission web page to fill in your personal information, your academic degree(s) information, languages. Also upload a short motivation text, stating your topic of interest and the name of the tutor you contacted in Step 3. In Please upload the following documents:

  • Currículum Vitae; 
  • scanned copy of your passport or personal ID;
  • scanned copy of your university degrees;
  • scanned copy of official academic records - qualifications certificates;
  • document attesting that the degrees allow to access the doctorate in your country (only if out of the EHEA);
  • English language certificate (if any).
These documents are mandatory for the evaluation of your admission application.


Step 6: IMPORTANT for foreign students outside the European Space for Higher Education: check if you need to validate the original of your official degree certificates (legalization or The Hague apostille)  to legalize it in Spain.


Step 7: Your application will be evaluated by the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program. Normally you should receive an answer within one week after you submit your request. The evaluation process has two phases. In a first phase your application request will be validated (i.e. it will be checked that you fullfil the admission criteria). In a second phase, the Academic Committee will evaluate your academic records, consult with the professor you chose as the tutor and decide on your admission together with the possible need to take extra courses. The tutor is formally appointed by the Academic Commission in this step.


Step 8: Foreign students should check if they need to apply for a Visa before arriving to Spain. Please, contact UPC International Students Service for all these issues. It is important that you don't make travel expenses until you have obtained the Visa.

VERY IMPORTANT: Don't forget to bring with you the original of your official degree certificate and a copy of all your qualification marks and academic records.

If you want to apply for a grant, please visit the Scholarships section of this web. Note that in some of the cases you will need to attach a certificate of the admission in our Doctoral Program to the grant application. You can request this document once your admission has been accepted, by sending an email to

When you arrive at UPC:

Step 1: Visit the International Students Mobility Office (OMI) to legalize your academic stage:

  • Students from the EU: you should register in the 'Registro de Extrangeros Comunitarios'
  • Students from outside the EU: Check your VISA situation at the OMI. You need to do this just after arriving to Spain if you hold a long duration student VISA.

Step 2: You can use the services provided by the Intenational Students Service to search for an apartment or shared room in the city. They will assist you as well with other practical aspects such as Catalan and Spanish courses,  health insurance issues, etc.


Step 3: You will have to register either for the courses or for the research period tuition. The normal registration period is  in September-October, although exceptional registration out of this period is possible. Please check the detailed dates and location in the Registration section of this web, as well as the required documents and forms to be filled. It is required that you contact your tutoring professor in advance to discuss with him/her what courses or activities you should register to.


Step 4: Read carefully the following documents. They are a welcome manual for students arriving to our Doctoral Program and the specific academic regulations of the Doctoral Program in Electronic Engineering.


  • Welcome manual for new students arriving to the Doctoral Program in Electronic Engineering (UPC credentials needed to access).
  • Specific academic regulations of the Doctoral Program in Electronic Engineering.

Further information:

You will find more detailed information in the specific sections of this web. Please check the UPC Doctoral Office web page as well for general infomation and guidelines.


If you need specific infomation not found in this web, please contact us.


If you have any suggestion or complaint, please click here.