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Extension application


Doctoral studies have a duration of three years, counting from the date of the first registration to the program (Article 4.2 of UPC doctoral regulation.) In the case of part-time studies, the maximum duration is five years.

If the thesis deposit cannot be done before the period expiration, there is the possibility to ask for an extension that must be evaluated by the Academic Committee. For full-time students, this extension may be granted for one year, and if expired, exceptionally may be granted one additional year. In the case of part-time studies, the first extension is for two years, and the second and last extension is for one year.

Failure to deposit the thesis in the assigned time including extensions implies the automatic dismissal of the program. This means that the student cannot submit the thesis in this program, and there has to be a period of two years in case the student asks for re-admission, in which case it is compulsory to present a new research plan (Article 4.4 of UPC doctoral studies regulation.)

Extension application procedure

The application for extension uses the corresponding form, containing the following information:

  • Personal data.
  • Data of the thesis.
  • Type of extensions applied for.
  • Short motivation explaining the reason for the delay.
  • Updated work plan, clearly specifying remaining tasks and expected date for the deposit.
  • Optionally, accompanying documentation.

Applications missing information on updated work plan will be dismissed by the Academic Committee.


Thesis Extension application form