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Conferencia Prof. Yukiya MIURA

Conference: Study on reliability and safety of LSIs, by Prof. Yukiya MIURA, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan.

11/07/2014 de 12:00 a 13:30
Aula Biblioteca, Planta ETSEIB, Diagonal 647, Campus Sud UPC
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Title: "Study on reliability and safety of LSIs "

Prof. Yukiya Miura

Graduate School of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University

ABSTRACT: Aging called NBTI, PBTI and CHC occurs in nanoscale transistors, which is a major factor for degrading the performance of LSIs. Aging decreases operating speed of transistors, and LSI malfunctions by an increased propagation delay. This paper presents a method for estimating the amount of increase in delay time of LSIs and a method for estimating the amount of increase in the threshold value of a transistor from change in the period of two ring oscillators. Effectiveness of the proposed method was verified by circuit simulation. A new flip-flop design, called a duration-observation master-slave flip-flop, is proposed and evaluated.

This dependable design takes into account a noise pulse induced on data signal lines. The proposed master-slave flip-flops monitor the duration time of the input signal when flip-flops change from a master-latch behavior to a slave-latch behavior, and thus they can prevent malfunction caused by the noise pulse.

The effectiveness of proposed design is demonstrated by circuit simulation. The proposed flip-flops are implemented using fewer transistors than that of a duplication structure and the width of the noise pulse to be blocked is adjustable.