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Sou a: Inici / Esdeveniments / Reliability and design for safety of complex systems Seminar by Prof. Marco Mugnaini

Reliability and design for safety of complex systems Seminar by Prof. Marco Mugnaini

24/10/2016 11:00 a 28/10/2016 13:00
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El Programa de Doctorat en Enginyeria Electrònica organitza el seminari:

"Reliability and design for safety of complex systems"

impartit pel Prof. Marco Mugnaini

de la University of Siena, Siena, Italy



Del 24 al  28 d'octubre de 2016

De 11:00 a 13:00 hores

A l'aula 002, edifici B4, campus nord UPC


Aquest Seminari està obert a tots els estudiants i el personal del programa de doctorat. Els estudiants en el període de recerca del programa que requereixen 10 hores de formació transversal i/ específica podràn justificar 10 hores per assistència al seminari. El procediment de registre és mitjançant l'enviament d'un correu electrònic a eel.doctorat@upc.edu. Si us plau detalleu el vostre programa de doctorat si no esteu inscrit en el Programa de Doctorat en Enginyeria Electrònica.

This Seminar is open to all the students and staff of the Doctoral Program. Students in the Research Period can justify 10 hours of cross-training and / or specific having attended this seminar. The registration procedure is by sending an email to eel.doctorat@upc.edu. Please detail your Program if not enrolled at the PhD Electronic Engineering Program. 


The classes will supply the basics to perform reliability, availability and safety analysis and design on complex electro-mechanical systems. The main failure modes on electronic devices and sensors will be addressed as the main techniques for failure mode investigation. Statistical characterization of the main probability density functions and degradation models will be supplied together with practical application examples on circuit systems and electro-mechanical structures. The main reliability design techniques such as: fault tree analysis, cut set method, minimal path approach, critical block analysis for reliability will be addressed. The main Failure modes and reliability databases and handbooks as MIL-HDBK217, OREDA, BELLCORE, etc…will  be discussed and analysed in terms of failure rates models. Maintenance policies with special attention to corrective and preventive ones will be discussed in terms of advantages and disadvantages when applied to electro-mechanical systems. The main safety standards as IEC61508 and EN50129, EN50128, EN50126 will be discussed and examples in the electronic and industrial fields studied and discussed.

Brief CV of Prof. Marco Mugnaini

Ph.D. in Reliability Availability and Logistics, University of Florence, Italy, 2003, Laurea Degree (110/110 cum Laude) in Electronics Engineering with major in Non Linear Automatic Controls, University of Florence, Italy, 1999. Since 2014 he has obtained the scientific qualification for ASSOCIATE PROFESSORSHIP on Electronic Measurements E9/04 (W2) from the Italian Ministry of Education.

During His career he covered the following roles: Assistant Professor at the University of Siena (Manager of the electronics training lab.), University of Siena, Italy, 2013-Present Faculty and Professor at the Electrical and Electronics Technology Dept. at the Higher Colleges of Technology Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2012 – 2013 Assistant Professor at the University of Siena (Manager of the electronics training lab.), University of Siena, Italy, 2005-2012 Co-founder of the SENSIA SrL Company, Italy, 2008 www.sensia.it Co-founder of the DESMOWEB SrL Company, Italy, 2009 www.desmoweb.com Product Safety Engineer at General Electric (GE) Power System Oil and Gas Division with the responsibility of leading the design for safety of five production sites (AC Compressor, Gemini, Rotoflow, Thermodyn, PII), Florence, Italy, 2003-2005.

He has been in charge of measurements and reliability classes since 2005. He published more than 87 papers on International Journals and Conference Proceedings and 4 International Patents. In 2003 Marco Mugnaini received the award for the best National Ph.D. thesis in the maintenance context from CNIM (National Italian Center for Maintenance).