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Juan Mon González

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Juan Mon González

Ph.D. Thesis title:
Contribución a técnicas de modelado y reducción de EMI en sistemas multiconvertidor

Juan Mon González

Javier Gago Barrio

Reading date:
5 de novembre de 2012 

This Thesis has been developed in the research group TIEG (Terrassa Industrial Electronics Group). It is focused on the reduction  of conducted electromagnetic interferences (EMI) generated by switched power converters. Particularly, it deals with multiphase buck converters. In such kind of systems interleaving is commonly and widely used because of advantages it reports. Among these advantages, it should be mentioned the reduction of the output voltage ripple and conducted disturbances as well. However, interleaving can be combined with other techniques in order to improve the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance.

These methods can be classified as filtering or suppression techniques. Filtering methods prevent interferences from propagating through mains, power lines, data lines, etc. Suppression methods directly suppress the noise source. The modulation of the switching pattern of the converter is one of such techniques. These suppression techniques are complementary to the conventional filtering techniques based in passive elements.

The aim of this Thesis is to determine the optimum combination of both techniques (interleaving and modulation) in order to achieve the best attenuation of conducted disturbances. The influence of several modulation parameters on the attenuation will be investigated and the undesired side effects produced by these new techniques will be evaluated as well.

In order to fulfil this goal, several modulation strategies were considered. Particularly, the switching frequency modulation (SFM), pulse position modulation (PPM) and pulse width modulation (PWM) have been investigated.

Finally, three modulation techniques based on the frequency modulation of the switching pattern have been proposed. These techniques are the Constant Delay Tm with switching Frequency Modulation (CDFM-Tm), Constant Delay Tc with switching Frequency Modulation (CDFM-Tc) and Variable Delay with switching Frequency Modulation (VDFM).

The experimental validation of these 3 techniques has been conducted on a 4 phases buck converter operated in hard switching regime.