Francesc Xavier Roset Juan

Ph.D. Thesis title:
Aportaciones a la caracterización y minimización del ruido en los sismómetros marinos 


Francesc Xavier Roset Juan


Dr. Antonio Manuel Lazaro

Reading day:

29th July 2011 


The seismology is a complex system of information with different interrelated subsystems. The present  PhD studies the record of seismic vibrations; it focuses on contributions in order to improve the signal/noise ratio in marine seismometers, which will depend on the geophone structure design, its coupling on the seabed, the cable system, the sensitivity of the sensors and its amplification. The geophone has been characterized by theoretical models and their simulation, including the analysis and minimization of the electronic and seismic noise. The parameters of the seismic sensor have been determined by setting out an automated system and calibration procedures.

The final result of the research is the design, simulation, construction and validation of  a new marine geophone, whose coupling to the seabed has been analysed and tested in both laboratory and oceanographic campaigns. The investigation involves a step further to the characterization and coupling of the geophones, and contributes to improve the sensitivity and traceability in the construction and design of the marine seismometer.