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General Information

Clean Room at UPCThe Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB) offer to highly motivated graduated students the possibility to specialize their education in the various fields of research related with Electronic Engineering, leading to a PhD Degree.

Students enroll for their PhD either at UPC or UIB, and during their doctoral research work they are hosted in one of the 16 research groups with 17 research laboratories and facilities that cover a wide range of specialties in the fields of semiconductor devices; nanoelectronics and microsystems; solar cells and energy harvesting systems; integrated circuits and systems for digital, analog, mixed-signal and RF applications; biomedical and instrumentation engineering; smart sensors and sensor networks; power electronics for motor control and management of energy distribution systems. The different specialties complement each other to facilitate synergies and foster multidisplinary research.

Thesis Josep Monyanyà, defended 2012The academic activities of the program introduce the students to highly specialized research topics and  extend their skills with methodologies oriented to the tasks, tools and procedures required to develop a high quality research activity. The wide experience of the research groups guarantees access to the know-how related to the tools and methodologies needed to develop research in the different specific areas. A tutor is assigned to the student after admission, who will supervise the academic progress and eventually become thesis advisor. It is required that the thesis advisor have regular meetings with the student in order to assess the thesis progress and guide the student in the formative activities. Students can participate in competitive research projects undertaken by the research groups, and in internal group meetings and seminars. Mobilities to other research centers are encouraged and different grant programs are available to support them.

Thesis Enrique Barajas, defended August 2011An Academic Commission supervises the program and checks for the progress and quality of the thesis work. Dissemination of the research results in international conferences and indexed journals is a requisite before the thesis completion, and the Electronic Engineering Department offers grants to support their expenses.

With over 260 PhD graduates in its 30-years old history, this PhD Program is one of the largest in UPC, and since 2004 it is distinguished with the Quality Award (Mención de Calidad, Mención de Excelencia) by the Spanish Ministry of Education (Mención de Calidad MCD2004-00336; Mención de Calidad MCD2007-00147, Mención hacia la Excelencia MEE2011-0690).